HDTV’s can be used to watch television shows from cable, satellite, broadcast, DVDs and many other devices of media. This includes game systems such as Xbox,, PlayStation and even your computer. This is why the brand-new HDTV’s now have multiple connections so they can support this expanding media.

One these ports is called an HDMI input or output and is on all of the new consoles except for the Nintendo which has its own type of cables. TV companies have presented this option to their gaming buyers by showing pictures on the TV such as games and sports showing that their TVs can be used to specifically play video games. Most video games are on a wide screen format already for 720 P. and some even go as high as 1080i. Older video game consoles had analog signals only such as S video, RCA plugs and component plugs.

The new Sony PlayStation three HDMI to support high-definition including a blue Ray DVD player that can be used to watch blu-ray movies. The Xbox 360 from Microsoft allows their video gamers to go online and download demos TV shows, trailers, movies and many other types of media. Xbox supports the video games that were made in high-definition and can also playback DVDs that produce an output of 480p without having to purchase any additional hardware or software. Nintendo has gone more towards the gaming play rather than all the features embedded in their consoles. Nintendo does not have an HDMI, but it does come with component cables that will allow you to produce a high-definition signal if you have an HDTV. The Nintendo Wii also does not have a built-in DVD player like the Xbox and PlayStation three.

Brand-new computers that are out these days such as a Mac and PC are provided with a DVI output which is a digital variation of the VGA. This kind of connection supports uncompressed video from your PC to your TV. Without using compression the signal is not degraded so you have an optimal view. If you’re high-definition TV does not have a DVI connection you can get an adapter that will transfer your DVI to HDMI.

With such a vast technology providing gamers a chance to be a closely knit community with the online capabilities that are now available in consoles and personal computers are they taking over the conventional televisions and will continue to advance far more then we could ever impinge in the coming years.

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