Everywhere you go, you can find kids and adults alike playing on their Sony Playstation Portable. The PSP has fast become one of the most popular entertainment systems available. The beauty of the PSP is that you can take it with you anywhere. You can play it on the bus, at a Doctor’s office, or even on an airplane! And a PSP is designed for more than just playing games. You can use your PSP to browse the Internet, organize your personal files, play movies, and even listen to the latest music. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

My goal today is to teach you how to transfer music to your PSP so that you can use it as your own portable walkman. It is a relatively simple procedure that anybody with some basic knowledge can complete. First, you need to realize that a PSP can only accept certain types of music files. Older PSPs may only be able to play MP3 files. Newer PSPs are designed to also allow for WMA and WMV audio file playback. Nonetheless, I always recommend you choose MP3 simply because WMA and WMV files take up too much space.

Our first goal is going to be to learn how to convert WMA and WMV files to MP3. You will need an MP3 file format converter application to do this. These can readily be found all over the Internet. Go to google.com and search for “free mp3 file converter.” You will end up with a little bit over a million results. Try out a few links near the top until you find a suitable and FREE application to download. Once you get it, just follow the instructions. Most MP3 file converter applications have been designed to be dummy proof.

Once all your music files have been converted into MP3, then you are ready to begin transferring them to your PSP. First, connect your PC to your PSP with the USB cable (should have came with the PSP). Next, hit the ‘Home’ button on your PC and scroll to ‘Settings’. Then, look for ‘USB Connection’ and click on it.

At this point, a dialog box should pop up on your PC letting you know that it has detected a removable device. The PSP will then be mounted to your ‘My Computer’ window. Click on the new drive and search for a folder labeled, ‘PSP’. Double click it and then search for the ‘Music’ folder. If there is no music folder, then make one.

Transferring Music from Your Computer to Your PSP
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