Recently, I was throwing around some possibilities regarding what kind of start up businesses for kids would be appropriate for a couple of my tween/teen children this summer. My oldest daughter and I came up with a few good ideas after sitting down to brainstorm that were well received by a few of my clan. There's tons to do with kids at almost every age in my house. Here were a few of the ideas that resulted from our brainstorm session.

Birthday Party Assistant

With six 6 girls, this seemed as appropriate as it gets. My girls are a huge asset to most all of my parties, whether they are of the birthday variety or not. They can help the adults with many of the tasks needed in preparing games and prizes ahead of time including things like, wrapping prizes and presents, setting up each game on the agenda, baking, and organizing snacks and food.


Tutoring other students who are struggling with summer school is a great way to not only make extra cash but also gain a new friend. Not to mention the appreciation felt by the parents. Especially if they aren't well versed in the subjects needing to be tutored to their child. Often, my own daughter that had been tutoring also received a snack or meal to top it off.

Wash and Vacuum Cars

Many working parents are often too busy to think about having to wash and clean their vehicles. Why not give them a break by doing that task for them? Advertise your services with a yard sign made by the kids, or perhaps hang an index card with your info and phone number on a local grocery store bulletin board to save money on newspaper ads. A neighbor did this during a summer at home and had saved over two hundred dollars. Not bad huh?

Organize a Yard Sale

This is a great project for an older girl or two. At least it was at my own yard sale. My three older girls organized the items for sale, baked some cookies to sell, and pretty much set up the entire yard sale for us. Our younger kids made signs and helped hang them throughout the local neighborhood. After that, a nearby neighbor was so impressed with what my girls had accomplished she asked a couple of my kids if they would be interested in helping with their rummage sale for payment.

Source: Personal Experience

Starting a Business for Kids
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