Car Reviews: 2009 Volkswagen Loremo

My wife and I have purchased our last three cars on craigslist. We have paid cash for all three. The newest of the three was built in 1995, and they had a cumulative total of over 350,000 miles and cost us about $6,000. Total, for all three. I say this to illustrate that neither of us put much stock in nice, new cars. We pay cash because paying high interest charges on a car just doesn’t make sense to us. We’d rather put the extra money into our condo or savings accounts.

I truly never thought I would want a new car. I figured if I won the lottery or something, a three-year old car would be an indulgence. So I was rather shocked at my visceral reaction to an article I read about the Loremo. I wanted that car. Badly. So badly that I forwarded the article to my wife and told her I was going to start saving. Next year, against my better judgment, I may drop a down payment on a $22,000 car, something I never thought I would do.

So why has the Loremo so captured my imagination? Well, there are a number of reasons. But the foremost is gas. As we all know, gas prices have become obscene. It’s gotten so bad that every ride in the car now feels like an extravagant luxury. The Loremo gets an astonishing 150 per gallon of gas. As they like to advertise, you could drive from New York to Los Angeles on about three tanks of gas. I’ve crunched the numbers, and the money I’ll save in gas each month will be nearly equivalent to a monthly car payment. In that way, the Loremo makes perfect sense to buy.

The name Loremo stands for “Low Resistance Mobile.” The designers completely streamed the design of the car for greatly-reduced wind resistance and engine efficiency. With some great ingenuity, the vehicle’s efficiency is unparalleled.

If you’re concerned about the environment, the Loremo’s footprint is minimal to say the least. The designers’ thinking was that hybrid cars are great, but if they are using electric power that is still power that needs to be generated somehow. Instead, by retooling a car’s resistance, it simply requires less power. In other words, the Loremo doesn’t just replace one problem with another.

The car’s power will leave something to be desired if you like drag racing. That’s definitely not me. If it takes an extra second or two for the car to get up to 60 mph, I’m not going to cry about it. With all the upsides to this vehicle, I think sacrificing a little bit of power is reasonable. But if you insist on that extra power, they also offer a GT version of the vehicle for more money.

The final selling point will sound a bit ridiculous. Especially considering I already admitted I drive a thirteen year old car that cost less than $2,000. But I am absolutely in love with the front and back doors. Rather than opening on the sides, like typical car doors, or opening up and out, like a DeLorean’s door, or just up like a Lamborghini’s doors, the whole front end of the car opens up like a pez dispenser, and you hop inside. It is so cool looking I almost started drooling. I know, that’s not the strongest reason for buying a car. Just being honest here.

With all these selling points, and a more-than-reasonable price tag of $22,000, the Loremo is sure to be a huge hit in the states. And I’m about to violate one of my own steadfast rules and get a brand new one next year.

How I Started a Small Family Business Based on a Solution to a Problem

I was raised by entrepreneurs. One of my family’s favorite pastimes was discussing business ideas around the dinner table. I have personally tried several business ventures. My most successful so far is a family business I started with my mother. My mother and I noticed a problem, and we created a product line called Pure Fresh Solutions to solve that problem. We then created a small business to sell the product.

Noticed a problem

My mother has been working in the nutrition industry for quite some time. She grew a large business where she developed nutrition products, then sold her stake in it to pursue other interests. When a relative came to her with a problem, my mother and I began to research ways to fix it.

The problem our relative had was with itchy arms. Her arms would itch so intensely, she would use a brush to scratch them, until they began to bleed. The pain was more bearable than the itching.

My mother and I found various answers to the problem on the Internet, and narrowed it down to Demodex mites. We decided to create a solution.

Researched the competition, and the market

We researched the problem in forums and blogs. We looked at the competition’s forecasts, and researched the popularity of their products. We wanted to find out how many people may benefit from our products, and how popular competitors were.

The market was fairly small. We wanted a business we could maintain ourselves, so a limited market worked for us. It was very important to weigh the possible popularity of a product with what we would be able to manage, and with what our goals were.

Developed a marketable product

My mother created the actual formulas for the products. Usually, she creates a formula, and then, she will have it tested in a lab. The packaging is done by an outside facility when the formula is ready.

Even if you have a great idea, it is usually impossible to do all the work yourself. It is important to call other facilities, introduce yourself to people, and ask for help. The easiest way to create a product is to outsource everything you do not know how to do. That requires building relationships with people who know how to do those things.

When it came to the name and label design, we worked to come up with a very basic design that represented our concept. We then asked an artistic family member to help us improve the design, and make it work for a label.

Again, all of those contacts are a great help. Some people are willing to help with little or no pay, if they know they may have a stake in the idea later. Others may be willing to help just because they like you, and you can set up a simple exchange. The exchange can include an exchange of ideas. It does not always have to include money or investors, especially if you are trying to create a very small-scale business.

Established a corporation

We chose to create a C corporation for several reasons. lists some of the main benefits of a C corporation. The most important factor is that it allows for growth. Even if you never plan on growing your business, it’s nice to have that option, just in case. In our case, we realized it was possible that the product may take off and become really popular. The C corporation was the best option for growth.

A C corporation also gives the principal shareholders the most legal protection. No matter how safe your product is, there will always be the type of person who gets sick or has an accident, and decide to blame someone. That someone they blame could be your business. If the business remains fairly small (as ours has), this is much less of an issue. The problem is that it is always a possibility, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Domestic Solar energy System – Get rid of Electrical Bills with Home Solar energy System

What is domestic solar energy system? To place it simply, it is really a system that enables one to power their appliances for the home, lighting and any kind of electrical powered device using solar power from the sunlight. Sounds like something just for the rich? Nicely, not anymore using the advancement of photo voltaic technology. Now, anybody, yes, anyone can energy their homes with solar power and save cash on electrical expenses. Read on to discover how.

Domestic Solar energy System

Why choose domestic solar energy system?

  1. The sun offers free and limitless flow of energy which may be tapped on by anyone on the planet unless you are somewhere within the north or southern poles where you don’t see sunlight with regard to days.
  2. There are zero running expenses.
  3. You bring about the well-being from the environment by eating less energy generated through the burning of fossil energy that directly leads to climate change.
  4. As soon as built, domestic solar energy systems can final you easily for two decades or more, offering you free electricity 247.
  5. For those which are on the grid, you may also get paid through power companies with regard to generating surplus electrical power.

For many years, the solar technology may be available only to corporations and also the wealthy who are able the huge amount of cash required to energy their homes as well as offices using solar power. Thanks to commercialization associated with solar technology, components necessary to build a good system to energy homes adequately has become available even within the local hardware shop. While a complete fledge commercial system will cost you by thousands associated with dollars, it is now possible to construct your own with under 200 even though you are a complete novice with regards to DIY.

What you’ll need is a guide that goes through the procedure step-by-step. Find out ways to build a domestic solar energy system and get rid of your electrical expenses while saving environmental surroundings.

Best Local GM Car Dealerships in Metro Atlanta

When it comes to local GM car dealerships in Metro Atlanta, the area in Gwinnett County that speaks well for itself is the dealership street off of Pleasant Hill Road. Gwinnett Place Chevrolet and Hennessy Cadillac are two of those dealerships. GM is the main corporation in dealing with Chevrolet, Saturn, Cadillac, and GM vehicles. This is a brief review of the best local dealerships in the Gwinnett County area.

Gwinnett Place Chevrolet is a large facility off of Satellite Blvd. next to the Gwinnett Mall. It is a dealership that promotes good service and customer satisfaction. The GM dealership offers a drive-in four lane service area where the service writers await you. When you drive up they will receive your detail information and your concerns for your vehicle. Once all information is taken care of, the car will be taken into the back where certified technicians can diagnosis the car. While you are waiting for your diagnosis, there is a waiting room where the employees of the dealership offer coffee and refreshments. Or you have the choice to leave your vehicle in their hands where they will notify you on the condition of the vehicle.

Hennessy Cadillac is a local dealership located on Pleasant Hill Rd. a few lights before I-85. Hennessy Cadillac is a beautifully designed building that is only matched in its customer satisfaction. The interior of the building is a beautiful design with a new age feel to it. The parking lot is filled with new models of the Cadillac legacy and awaiting sale persons to help your every need. Much like the Chevrolet dealership, the Cadillac facility prides itself on the good customer reviews. The dealership offers the same kind of commodities as the Chevrolet facility; Refreshment, customer assistance, and if need a courtesy ride for those waiting for the vehicle’s maintenance to be finished. All GM dealerships give off a good warm feeling to customers and future GM car drivers, many of the facilities, give customer appreciation events, to welcome the brand new customers to the family. Out of all the GM dealerships these two are the best and shine the brightest above the rest. And if you currently looking for a more permanent maintenance shop, go give them a try.
Gwinnett Place Chevrolet
3277 Satellite Boulevard, Duluth, GA 30096


Hennessy Cadillac
3377 Satelite Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30096

Tucson Car Show and Concert at the Tucson Convention Center June 24th, 2007

Arizona is famous for seasoned low-riders and classic cars. With tons of car shows being hosted in the deserts surrounding areas it's hard to make an event stand out like Dayton's on a candy coated Caprice. But what if you add heavy hitting hip hop recording artists, Southwest's best low-riders, and over 20 car and bike clubs to the mix? Now this ordinary car show becomes a must-see event. The 1st Annual Low-rider Car Show and Concert is doing just that. Every so often that classic Caprice with that bangin' system seems to roll back into town. It just so happens to be coming to Tucson.

This month Sunday June 24th, 2007 at the Tucson Convention Center is where this excitement will take place. This is no ordinary concert, this is a national event. Getting buzz across the coast, this concert is getting radio play and notice across the Southwest. With live performances by UNK, Baby Bash, DJ Kane from the Kumbia Kings, MC Magic, Hotrod from G-Unit, Cinque from the Manup Squad, and No Remorse; this lineup is sure make attending this event a no-brainer.

Coming from the ATL, UNK will be performing his chart breaking hits "Walk it Out" and "2 Step" off the heavy hitting album Beat'n Down Yo Block. If that wasn't enough, Baby Bash will be tearing up the stage with all his hits. Also G-Unit's own Hotrod will be live in the house performing his hit "Be Easy." The Green Beat will be covering this concert for exclusive interviews and coverage of the entire show.

Over 20 car and bike clubs will be at this all ages indoor event. Children 10 years of age and younger get in free. A booth with Adventure Girl, Boy Dora, and Diego will be available for the kids.

On show will be the classic cars of yesterday and the supped out whips of the future. Don't sleep on this event and buy your tickets early. Be sure to listen to Tucson's Hot 98.3 for more show details and on how you can win free tickets to this event. Tickets are $24 in advance and $29 at the door. Tickets are available at the T.C.C., all Ticket Master Locations, and

Attention all car, truck, and bike clubs: To enter clubs or vehicles into the show please email [email protected] or call (602) 405-9919 For Artist Performance email [email protected] Booths email [email protected]

Transportation provided by Top Notch Limousines (520) 979-0167

For more information be sure to check online at or for exclusive coverage on this event. Coverage by Latin Affiliated, XPOZ Magazine, and

Andrew Bess June 2007

Kyle Busch Wins in Car of Tomorrow Debut at Bristol

The car of tomorrow became the car of today in what turned into some of the most boring racing in the history of Bristol International Speedway. Twenty-one year old Kyle Busch left the aptly named “thunder valley” as the victor, but even he wasn’t pleased with the new car. His post-race comments left one to wonder if this new car has any future in NASCAR. Bristol is usually a place where fans flock in order to watch the most fast-paced of all racing. The passes are brilliant, the wrecks are plentiful, and the finishes are always exciting. On Sunday, much of that was missing and Bristol just was not the same.

Busch got to the front of the Food City 500 by navigating through heavy traffic and making a pass of Denny Hamlin with 20 laps to go. He used superior handling in the new car to make the easy pass, but still found the racing to be somewhat boring. The Food City 500 was the debut for the new car that is designed to enhance safety for the drivers, while keeping costs relatively low for all of the race teams.

Though there were 15 cautions during the 500 lap race, things were pretty mundane compared to previous races at Bristol. Only three of those 15 cautions were caused by multi-car pileups and none of those three could be described as a “bad” wreck. While NASCAR may have hit a home run with safety concerns, they seem to have sacrificed some of the brilliance and excitement that has driven the NASCAR product for more than 50 years.

The win kept the Bristol winning tradition within the Busch family, where it has been since older brother Kurt Busch started winning races there a few years ago. Little brother Kyle looks poised to supplant his older brother as the king of Bristol after finishing third in Saturday’s Busch race and winning the Nextel Cup version in dominating fashion. Kyle knows he has a ways to go before he catches up with Kurt’s Bristol dominance, but he looks well on his way.

In a strange twist, Greg Biffle’s car, which ran to a fifth place finish, was found to be too low in post-race inspections. NASCAR indicated that the car will be taken back to company headquarters in North Carolina for another look. Kyle Busch’s winning car, along with some others, were also seized following the race as NASCAR hopes to check out some of the new cars after each car of tomorrow race.

The Most Dangerous Car & Driver on the Road

No this isn’t an article about statistics from Car and Driver Magazine, or the government census on car safety. This is what I figured out after driving thirty-eight years. Although I have lived and driven in several different states, including the North, East, South and West, I have lived a majority of my time here in Arizona. I started to notice many years ago there was a pattern to a certain kind of driver in a certain kind of car. And the winner is…. The Person who drives the White Family Van…No Kidding!

For whatever reason, years ago I stared to notice the driving habits of the typical White Family Van Driver. It’s probably because on a consistent basis they were doing the stupidest and most dangerous things you could ever imagine. Unfortunately, while they were doing this. Most of the time there was a whole van full of kids with them.

So, let me share with you some of the things that became so consistent I began to see a definite pattern with the drivers of these white elephants. The first thing I noticed were the chances they took when leaving the parking lots of the schools they were picking their children up from. Excuse me, but you don’t pull out in front of cars and trucks coming at you going 45 miles per hour, when their only fifty feet away. I have actually seen these vans almost topple over because they had to turn accelerate so quickly to get out of the way of the vehicles that were so close to them when they pulled out.

The second thing that’s getting really bad, is these people must be coordinating drop off or pick-ups when their driving, because they are always on the cell phone, especially when coming and going to their children’s schools. The problem is they can’t even stay in their own lane. Between the kids acting up in the van, and them being on the cell phone, their driving only gets about half their attention, if that.

Believe it or not, with or without kids in the van, they are speeding. Some role models for their kids when they are in their van. These parents will be the first to complain and expect sympathy when their children are killed in car accidents because they themselves were speeding. Gee, I wonder where they learned it? They change lanes without signaling, weave in and out of their lane because they’re either yelling at the kids, or again on the cell phone. What is the matter with these people?

To sum it all up, I think the biggest reason for them being dangerous can be summed up in one word, Distractions. They are not paying attention to their driving, which in order to be safe, needs 100% of a driver’s attention. It only takes one second to be in or cause an accident. As far as I’m concerned, any driver that’s driving dangerously for any reason while there are kids in the car should be arrested for child abuse, and child endangerment. Good luck here in Tucson, they’re so busy with the drive-by shootings, and drugs coming in from Mexico, they don’t have the time to worry about irresponsible parents. Our loss, the bad drivers gain.

I guess you can say that all kinds of drivers, in all types of cars and trucks do these stupid and dangerous things; on this I would have to agree. However, by my observations, over years of driving, is that there is a serious pattern and consistency in the kind of driving done by the driver of the White Family Van!

*Parents who really care about their kids will ALWAYS drive safely when their kids are in their vehicles with them!

How to Send Music from Your IPod Back to Your Computer.

I was recently wondering what to do if in fact my computer ever did somehow crash and I did not have my music backed up. After going through the conventional way of backing my music up to DVD, I decided there must be an easier way. I did a bit of research and eventually found a program called Sharepod. The program takes all of your music from your iPod and makes it very easy to send it back to your computer. You will no longer have to worry about your music being wiped from your computer as long as you can transfer it back through iPod and the other way around also. Now don’t worry about whether it is free or not because it is completely free. It is not one of those dreadful shareware programs. There is also no adware attached and you do not have to worry about viruses. If you would like to donate to the company they would greatly appreciate that too. Sharepod makes it possible to separate by playlist or even artist. It can be used instead of iTunes, unless you purchase from the iTunes store. The download is short and simple. Just follow the steps closely and save your music.

Here are the steps:

1) Go to
2) Scroll down and find the Download Sharepod here area.
3) Download and follow the instructions to install the program.
4) Read the manual provided by the webpage.
5) Begin transferring your music.

Other programs like Sharepod-

Tansee iPod Transfer re. Price: 19.95
iPod to PC v1 Price: 19.95
iDump 1.1.1 Price: Free
Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer Deluxe Price: 19.95

I do not recommend the use of these other programs however. I have not used iDump before, but according to the Editor’s Review at the program is fantastic. I would also advise not spending money for one of these programs. Sharepod is free, easy, and I have personally used it with my iPod to back my music up.

NOTICE – DO NOT USE SHAREPOD TO STEAL OR SHARE MUSIC WITH YOUR FRIENDS. The intentions of this guide are not for you to go around and steal music. This is purely for backing up your music. I know many of you know that stealing music hurts musicians and as a musician myself, I feel that when/if I become a recording artist I would not want my music being stolen. If you know of any other programs I would be interested in learning about them and personally testing them.

Go back home Smart – Electric Appliances Which have Revolutionized

Today, our life is busier than it had been a decade back again. People are always in a rush to do several things within a short span of your time. From looking after us to completing the state tasks, the checklist is endless. But because of modern technology and smart appliances for the home, we get a while to spend with this close ones. You will find countless modern machines that depend on electric motors. Because electric motor walked into our life, our lifestyle underwent an entire transformation.

Since age range, man has continuously changed the way in which he lived and technology has already established its impact upon every field associated with life. Home appliances possess made our life very easy that we frequently compare our existing lifestyle to that particular of our forefathers. In earlier occasions, the time and effort come to prepare a meal or clean the actual utensils was 2-3 times that from the now-a-days. Nevertheless, we’re in the actual 21st century and you want to complete our every day house works efficiently and inside a well-timed fashion.

Thinking about the existing busy as well as hectic lifestyle, home electronic appliances really are a blessing. As domestic appliance organizations still concentrate on sturdiness, attractive design as well as energy efficiency, home essentials are switching more ingenious. The upcoming days might find coffee machines that start from the bed, microwave ovens which cook meals in order to perfection and mechanical exhaustion cleaners works on a self-regulated foundation.

Big brands like LG have decided to launch a brand new range of Internet-operated machines for any modernized home. Through television, tablet as well as smart phones, we’ll soon benefit from the privilege to make use of Internet-connected ovens, dryers, meal washers, exhaustion cleansers and refrigerators. Even when abroad, people can easily make use of the oven or clean the living area in advance. Nevertheless, the organization has not yet announced the launching date with this new range associated with smart-tech gadgets. While we wait patiently with this new range associated with appliances, there are lots of ingenious inventions already on the market.

Car Accidents and Assumption of Risk

The most seasoned automobile accident attorney can tell you that not every case means instant cash for the plaintiff. In California, especially, there are cases in which both the defendant and the plaintiff are found to be at fault or comparatively negligent. Alternatively, a plaintiff can lose an accident case, despite injuries and property damage: that is assumption of risk.

In an auto accident, the person who caused the damage is usually at fault. That is, unless the other driver involved was aware of and ignored the potential risks. For example, borrowing a car that you know is mechanically unsound makes you responsible for the damages that result. You cannot sue the car's owner, because he told you that the car wasn't safe to drive. You may not have a case against the person who hit you either. Why? You ignored the warning and "assumed" the risk of driving the car. That is assumption of risk.

In some cases, assumption of risk and comparative negligence are closely related, but there are clear distinctions. In comparative negligence cases, the defendant may have caused the accident, but the other driver may share the fault. For example, a car travels northward in a very large parking lot and is struck in the side by another car going east. There are no stops or yield signs in that parking lot, so both drivers are comparatively negligent. The eastbound car for failing to stop, and the northbound car for not checking for traffic as it crossed the east-west lane. A jury the proportion of negligence for each party, and the damages are assessed accordingly.

Under assumption of risk, however, the plaintiff is the only person found at fault despite the actions of the defendant. The defense attorney must first prove that the plaintiff not only knew about the risk, but also understood it. Next, the plaintiff must have voluntarily continued the action despite that knowledge. In doing so, the plaintiff accepts the risk–and any resulting consequences.

Car accident attorneys assess each case on several merits, including assumption of risk. For each case, they must know a few things.

  1. What was the level of risk involved in the events leading to the accident?

Did the plaintiff understand that risk?

  1. Did the plaintiff accept the risk? Did you know what the risks were, but decided to drive anyway?
  2. Were there other options available for the plaintiff, other than driving that faulty car or speeding across the parking lot?

Assumption of risk is a defense attorney's dream in a negligence case. However, it is up to the defendant to prove it. Cases that qualify aren't always found in favor of one party or another. In California, for example, a comparative negligence case can arise out of a case with murky details. Therefore, seek a car accident attorney immediately to determine what type of case you may be facing.

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