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Quicken is the complete personal and professional finance assistance loaded with numerous astonishing features which provide full freedom of customization. Apart from the complete finance solution, 256-bit encryption security, data access guarantee, there is a lot more you can do with your Quicken products. You can create reports and Graphs for your reports to track you’re the flow of your monetary possessions.

It is very easy to create Quicken reports or graphs for the desired information. Just follow the below-given steps:

  • Open Quicken on your device, and select Reports from the drop-down You can see a number of standard reports. You can select one from the standard options or go to Reports and Graph Center.
  • From the Quicken Standard Reports and select the section you want.
  • Select the report you want from the list and you will get the settings you need to adjust to generate an effective report.
  • Now, choose the details included in the report or graph. If you want to set the range of date, select the Custom dates and add the required one.
  • The date range controls which transactions are used by Quicken while generating reports.

Customized Reports or Graphs:

  • Select Customized to modify the reports or graph. You can try to make changes to any settings such as Accounts, Categories, and Payees etc.
  • In order to display the report, click on Show Report or Show Graph.
  • Not all reports can be shown as a Graph, only limited reports have the Show Graph button.
  • Select Save Report to save the created reports and graphs.
  • All the saved reports can be seen under My Saved Reports.
  • Right-click on the report you have saved to view the other options such as Delete.

There are many options to apply to the generated reports. These options are available on the upper right corner of the report. All options you can view are as follows:

  • Print
  • Export the report.
  • Save
  • Find and replace.

How to customize the report or graph:

If you are planning to add or remove something on your Quicken. You can just customize the display information page, layout and the date range for your Quicken reports and graphs.

  • Go to the Display option on the report or graph you want to change.
  • Select Customize.
  • Choose the report dates.
  • Now, from the below-given list of the tabs, select any of the topics you want:
  • Display
  • Accounts
  • Categories
  • Payees
  • Tags
  • Category Groups
  • Security Types
  • Investing goal
  • Click OK and then “Save” to save the changes.

If you are looking for any help while creating or customizing the graphs for your Quicken information, dialing Quicken customer service number is the best way to fetch the instant solution. The experts will help you explore the options you have with the “Reports and Graph” feature on your Quicken product.


How to Create Reports and Graphs for Your Quicken Information
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