When it comes to local GM car dealerships in Metro Atlanta, the area in Gwinnett County that speaks well for itself is the dealership street off of Pleasant Hill Road. Gwinnett Place Chevrolet and Hennessy Cadillac are two of those dealerships. GM is the main corporation in dealing with Chevrolet, Saturn, Cadillac, and GM vehicles. This is a brief review of the best local dealerships in the Gwinnett County area.

Gwinnett Place Chevrolet is a large facility off of Satellite Blvd. next to the Gwinnett Mall. It is a dealership that promotes good service and customer satisfaction. The GM dealership offers a drive-in four lane service area where the service writers await you. When you drive up they will receive your detail information and your concerns for your vehicle. Once all information is taken care of, the car will be taken into the back where certified technicians can diagnosis the car. While you are waiting for your diagnosis, there is a waiting room where the employees of the dealership offer coffee and refreshments. Or you have the choice to leave your vehicle in their hands where they will notify you on the condition of the vehicle.

Hennessy Cadillac is a local dealership located on Pleasant Hill Rd. a few lights before I-85. Hennessy Cadillac is a beautifully designed building that is only matched in its customer satisfaction. The interior of the building is a beautiful design with a new age feel to it. The parking lot is filled with new models of the Cadillac legacy and awaiting sale persons to help your every need. Much like the Chevrolet dealership, the Cadillac facility prides itself on the good customer reviews. The dealership offers the same kind of commodities as the Chevrolet facility; Refreshment, customer assistance, and if need a courtesy ride for those waiting for the vehicle’s maintenance to be finished. All GM dealerships give off a good warm feeling to customers and future GM car drivers, many of the facilities, give customer appreciation events, to welcome the brand new customers to the family. Out of all the GM dealerships these two are the best and shine the brightest above the rest. And if you currently looking for a more permanent maintenance shop, go give them a try.
Gwinnett Place Chevrolet
3277 Satellite Boulevard, Duluth, GA 30096


Hennessy Cadillac
3377 Satelite Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30096

Best Local GM Car Dealerships in Metro Atlanta
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