Septic system contractors install, repair and clean wastewater treatment systems. Across the United States many utility or health departments have specific guidelines contractors must meet before they start to fill jobs. The guidelines may be general across states. However, oversight agencies and departments will be different. In Eagle County, Colorado before contractors can start to perform on-site work on septic or sewage disposal systems they must be licensed by the Eagle County Environmental Health Department.

To insure that septic system workers comply with the requirement, the department maintains a list of licensed septic system contractors for the county. In the event that a contractor is not properly licensed while performing work, the department may require that the contractor cease or stop performing septic system and sewage work until the license is gained.

Complete Septic System Installer and Cleaner Licensing Application

To complete the installer and cleaner licensing application, applicants should fill in their legal name, telephone number as well as the name and mailing address for their contracting business. Other key pieces of information that will have to supplied include an email address and the location of the primary disposal site.

In the event that a contractor is paying for the license for an employee who works at their shop, they should provide the employee’s name on the application under “Name of person taking test.” After signing and dating the licensing application, pay the prescribed fee. Typically the fee cost about $25 and can be paid for with a check or money order. Include the fee with the application and mail both to the Department of Environmental Health, P. O. Box 179, 500 Broadway, Eagle, Colorado 81631.

Take and Pass the Septic System Contractor Licensing Test

Telephone the Department of Environmental Health at 970-328-8755 to schedule to take the septic system contractor licensing test. Because the test covers state and federal septic installation and repair standards, it is important to allow several days, about two to four days, to read through the study materials and the septic guidelines that are available for download at the Eagle County Colorado Environmental Health website.


In order to pass the examination and gain a license, septic system contractors will have to be well versed in installation and repair standards like the state calculations for sewage flow and characteristics, the preferred location for eight foot soil profiles and how deep septic tanks should be installed. The department allows each applicant to practice the examination before taking the official test. Take advantage of the practice tests because a score of 80% or higher is required to pass the test and gain a license.

Pass the Septic System Contractor Department Inspection

Schedule a septic system inspection through the Eagle County Environmental Health Department. Make sure that the septic or sewage system being installed meets each of the requirements listed on the inspection checklist included with the department’s electronic licensing materials. Types of inspections that are required to be completed include installing the clean-out between the tank and the house, raking the soil interface and building inspection portals with each of the trenches. While going through the inspection, be certain to secure the inlet and outlet with tar tape or a rubber gasket.

Become a Licensed Septic System Contractor: Eagle County Colorado Environmental Health Licensing Requirements
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