How to Create Reports and Graphs for Your Quicken Information

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Quicken is the complete personal and professional finance assistance loaded with numerous astonishing features which provide full freedom of customization. Apart from the complete finance solution, 256-bit encryption security, data access guarantee, there is a lot more you can do with your Quicken products. You can create reports and Graphs for your reports to track you’re the flow of your monetary possessions.

It is very easy to create Quicken reports or graphs for the desired information. Just follow the below-given steps:

  • Open Quicken on your device, and select Reports from the drop-down You can see a number of standard reports. You can select one from the standard options or go to Reports and Graph Center.
  • From the Quicken Standard Reports and select the section you want.
  • Select the report you want from the list and you will get the settings you need to adjust to generate an effective report.
  • Now, choose the details included in the report or graph. If you want to set the range of date, select the Custom dates and add the required one.
  • The date range controls which transactions are used by Quicken while generating reports.

Customized Reports or Graphs:

  • Select Customized to modify the reports or graph. You can try to make changes to any settings such as Accounts, Categories, and Payees etc.
  • In order to display the report, click on Show Report or Show Graph.
  • Not all reports can be shown as a Graph, only limited reports have the Show Graph button.
  • Select Save Report to save the created reports and graphs.
  • All the saved reports can be seen under My Saved Reports.
  • Right-click on the report you have saved to view the other options such as Delete.

There are many options to apply to the generated reports. These options are available on the upper right corner of the report. All options you can view are as follows:

  • Print
  • Export the report.
  • Save
  • Find and replace.

How to customize the report or graph:

If you are planning to add or remove something on your Quicken. You can just customize the display information page, layout and the date range for your Quicken reports and graphs.

  • Go to the Display option on the report or graph you want to change.
  • Select Customize.
  • Choose the report dates.
  • Now, from the below-given list of the tabs, select any of the topics you want:
  • Display
  • Accounts
  • Categories
  • Payees
  • Tags
  • Category Groups
  • Security Types
  • Investing goal
  • Click OK and then “Save” to save the changes.

If you are looking for any help while creating or customizing the graphs for your Quicken information, dialing Quicken customer service number is the best way to fetch the instant solution. The experts will help you explore the options you have with the “Reports and Graph” feature on your Quicken product.


Quicken Support for MAC

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In this digital era, technology has become one of the best friends for human in many ways. When it comes to following your personal finance in the most secure way, an efficient and effective financial management tool becomes necessary to access. Quicken is one of the well-known personal finance management tools, which is available both online and offline according to the requirement.

In general, this tool is utilized to maintain traces of expenditures paid through bank or Quicken bill pay, incomes credited to the bank account, keep the complete status of the finance. Besides, android and iOS devices now you can access quicken on your Mac as well. This finance software uses encrypted financial data and transmits it safely between geographic locations.

It helps you generate accurate finance statement quickly without any hassle. Even though the finance tool is developed with advanced technologies and beneficial in several ways, it often misbehaves and gives stress to the users. In order to eradicate those problems whether it is a technical or general issue, Quicken introduced Quicken support number.

Know about Quicken Mac support number:

Quicken has launched its products for Mac users so that they would be able to use quicken starters plan, quicker premier, and quicken deluxe. This gives a chance of pick any quicken software that will perfectly fit their requirements. When the user encounters any issues related to the use of the quicken tool/software, they can immediately contact the professional through Quicken Support For MAC.

It is because they will handle all kinds of the software technical issues & problem and give necessary assistance over the phone. Earlier this feature was only accessible for the windows users because of the security reasons. By offering this right to the Mac users now, they will able to choose the software based on their needs and will able to get more benefits in their finances.

As per the Quicken software version, the software has diverse features. For instance, Quicken deluxe provide traits such as creating budgets, set up multiple saving goals, and tracking finance statement. Quicken premier offers entirely different types of features like automatic updates, tax evaluations, etc. If you want to know more details about Quicken software for Mac, then contact Quicken technicians for getting excellent service.

Reasons to call Quicken support number for Mac:

While using Intuit Quicken software, you come across any technical issues do not need to worry or not try to fix the issue on your own. It is always better to call Quicken customer care because they equipped with the outstanding support executive and superior technology to address your problems immediately. In addition to, they deliver comprehensive customer care through quicken support desk. It is available at any time to solve your problematic issues and leave users with the best possible solutions.

Most importantly, they used to identify the root cause of the problem before trying to fix it. This highly assists them to recommend a possible solution, which prevents your issues from recurring repeatedly. Eventually, this saves your precious business hours and helps you concentrate on other business aspects. Apart from handling technical problems, the sales support service offered by the Quicken help desk makes customers to pick the perfect solution, which fits their requirements in a feasible way.

Additionally, they render comprehensive solutions for all kinds of Quicken issues. Because of having qualified and certified technicians, it is possible to handle all sorts of the user query and define solution instantly. Moreover, they are well-trained to fix all kinds of customer queries whether it is a desktop application or mobile app. Not only this, they also give support service both technical and non-technical problems.

As they are trained experts, they will patiently listen to your query and offer an appropriate solution to your issue. They are much capable to handle even highly complex technical issue with the simple process. You can avail their service 24×7 to enjoy a smooth and trouble-free service every time. There is no cost to avail Quicken support service, as it is a toll free number.

Issues covered by Quicken support team:

When you call the quicken support number, you will get the professional services from the support team who has experience and knowledge about the software to fix your issues. Below-mentioned is some of the problems covered by the expert support team.

  • Password recovery
  • Lost information or files
  • Crashing and freezing of software
  • Quicken recovery
  • Database connectivity problems
  • Reconciliation statement errors
  • Errors in downloading transactions

For more information dial toll-free numbers

+1-855-676-2448 ( USA )


Video Game Counsels, Computers and HDTV's

HDTV’s can be used to watch television shows from cable, satellite, broadcast, DVDs and many other devices of media. This includes game systems such as Xbox,, PlayStation and even your computer. This is why the brand-new HDTV’s now have multiple connections so they can support this expanding media.

One these ports is called an HDMI input or output and is on all of the new consoles except for the Nintendo which has its own type of cables. TV companies have presented this option to their gaming buyers by showing pictures on the TV such as games and sports showing that their TVs can be used to specifically play video games. Most video games are on a wide screen format already for 720 P. and some even go as high as 1080i. Older video game consoles had analog signals only such as S video, RCA plugs and component plugs.

The new Sony PlayStation three HDMI to support high-definition including a blue Ray DVD player that can be used to watch blu-ray movies. The Xbox 360 from Microsoft allows their video gamers to go online and download demos TV shows, trailers, movies and many other types of media. Xbox supports the video games that were made in high-definition and can also playback DVDs that produce an output of 480p without having to purchase any additional hardware or software. Nintendo has gone more towards the gaming play rather than all the features embedded in their consoles. Nintendo does not have an HDMI, but it does come with component cables that will allow you to produce a high-definition signal if you have an HDTV. The Nintendo Wii also does not have a built-in DVD player like the Xbox and PlayStation three.

Brand-new computers that are out these days such as a Mac and PC are provided with a DVI output which is a digital variation of the VGA. This kind of connection supports uncompressed video from your PC to your TV. Without using compression the signal is not degraded so you have an optimal view. If you’re high-definition TV does not have a DVI connection you can get an adapter that will transfer your DVI to HDMI.

With such a vast technology providing gamers a chance to be a closely knit community with the online capabilities that are now available in consoles and personal computers are they taking over the conventional televisions and will continue to advance far more then we could ever impinge in the coming years.

Sources:,, years of gaming and tv knowledge

Things Car Dealerships Can Do to Help Them Survive This Recession

There are a few obvious things which any car or truck dealership could do to improve their bottom line. Many of them are exactly what other companies are doing: first trim your expenses, and second cut your overhead. These measures can only take you so far. When the people who used to come and visit the car dealership every two or three years for a new car are now underemployed, or laid off, the dealership will not see any sales from that family until things turn around for more of us little guys.

So there has to be some way to make small changes to their business model which can help them to offset some of their lost revenues? The first thing they should all be looking at is how well they utilize the resources which they already have at their disposal? For example, if they have a service department, odds are they have the people, tools, and materials to do a decent job of auto detailing. They can offer this 驾照翻译 (translate driver license) service for a fee to the general public. This could generate a whole new revenue stream, turning an overhead department into a profit center.

The idea for exploiting these “value added” opportunities built into the service department at a car dealership leads to things like opening up their service department car wash systems to the public one or two days a week?

Auto Dealerships could use their service department to sell and install new tires for existing customers. Instead of people going down the street to the super big chain stores, they can stop at the dealership, rent a loaner car for the day cheap, and get new tires from a pro!

Most of these service departments have the tools to change tires, balance them, and do alignments as well. Another service dealerships all have at their disposal is hauling cars between locations. They have access to these car haulers, and many times these big fuel hogging rigs are rolling down the highway only partially filled. There are a great many of us regular people who occasionally need to move vehicles around when they relocate, and the dealerships could offer this service for a small fee.

The parts department could probably sell a lot more parts if they would offer free diagnostic check ups on customers cars. I have a computer code reader device, and I find it to be an invaluable tool when you have no clue why your engine is sputtering, or the exhaust smells funny. Think about it, if the big auto parts stores are doing this code reader deal for free, and they don’t even fix the cars for you, then why is it not logical that a dealership should offer the same service? They can make money on the parts sold, and probably pick up some extra service work fixing things that the average D.I.Y. guy cannot handle at home.

Dealerships who have used cars on the lot, or have dealer demonstration cars, could set up a small local car rental location right at their dealership. I know a lot of people who were not truly sold on the car they bought until they took one home for a day or two. Typical car rental companies want your travel business, and your insurance work, not necessarily your prom date, or special vacation ride.

Dealerships could offer educational programs on their lot for new drivers to learn things like how to drive a stick shift? Or they could set up a course to teach drivers important safety things like how to steer out of a skid, or how to properly use four wheel drive both on and off road? Some people would pay to learn these things. They could also offer a race driver training program? How much fun would that be? Take a brand spanking new tricked out Challenger to the track with your instructor in the passenger seat!

Dealerships should all be thinking about diversifying!

There is a small used lot near us, and he is selling cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, motor homes, ATV’s, garden tractors, and more! Last week he had a Troy-Bilt rototiller, and a landscapers trailer! Bear in mind he is still a car dealership! This is fabulous to see because he is thinking outside the box, and it seems to be paying off for them!

In summary, I believe that car and truck dealerships have a lot of options to help them recover from this seriously debilitating economic situation we all find ourselves in. The main ideas I am offering are simple, and are low or no cost, and could make a long lasting change to the bottom line at the dealerships who are wise enough to try new things in order to survive! Hopefully someone will make the effort to try some of the ideas which I have presented here. If any dealerships out there are interested in discussing these ideas further, I would be happy to try and help as a consultant!

Thank you for reading my article!

My Review of the ASUS Motherboard for Desktop Computers

As a computer technician I get to use hundreds of computers a month and test many more hardware items. Several of these items are motherboards of every brand, such as Biostar, MSI, Abit, etc… While in my opionin, the motherboard doesn’t make a whole lot of difference in the performace of the machine (well, not as much as say the CPU), but for best and long lasting results having one of the best motherboards will make your life more enjoyable.

I’m not bad mouthing or insulting any other motherboards (mainboard to be technical), but in comparison the others just does not stack up. Abit is a great competitor but that is in a later article. The ASUS boards have been around for a long time and have improved in leaps and bounds leaving the competition behind.

Their latest boards have been improved to reduce noise and temperature and increased the speed at which information is able to travel thru the circuits. The transisters, like most other boards, have been getting smaller and more powerfull, which improve the life of the board. The newer chipsets comming out on these boards are built with Windows Vista in mind, knowing that a large percentage of computer users in the near future will be running windows Vista, allowing for maximum compatiblility and offering the greatest speeds. I’m not going to go into detail and explain the numbers or the circuits in this review, because I don’t think it’s nessesary. Any one can read the specs of the machines from any where on the internet especially, and I’m not review just one board from ASUS, just a general synopsus.

The ASUS are also spreading their usage, allowing for the largest number of processors to be used. While most boards are dropping the old technology such as AGP video cards, ASUS still creates boards with those abilities. AGP is just a type of video card that replaced the old PCI video cards. AGP is being phased out by the newest technology called PCI-Express (PCI-X for short). But keeping in stride with their history, ASUS will not allow their product to fall behind on the newest cards, creating several boards with the PCI-X functionality.

As for personal experience, I have performed several tests to back up my reviews. I have physically taken several computers with several different types of motherboards, and replaced the motherboard with an ASUS of equal or more times than not lesser board. I left every thing else in tact, such as hard drive, CPU, RAM, video card, etc… And ran several tests. Every time the ASUS would run the computer faster, smoother, and with no problems arising. (Note: Like most operating systems, after adding a new board, I had to walk over the OS, but this note is mostly for people who know what that means and have questioned my methods.)

While there are several great mainboards out there, and pretty much any of them are great for normal use, the ASUS has never failed, or disappointed me in the short and/or long run.

Best Security alarm System cable or Wireless

There are two kinds of home security systems that are offered for your house. The wired protection system requires which wire is run in the control panel in order to each device that’s installed in your house. The wireless protection system only requires wire in the power source towards the control panel. Wired Home Alarm System, when you’ve got a wired home security system installed the installer will have to physically run wires in the control panel in order to every window and door in your house if you have elected to achieve the full perimeter guarded. The control panel is usually located in the hall closet that’s centrally located. The installer will have to run the wires with the attic or crawl space of your house.

Security alarm System

Wireless Home Alarm System – When a radio home alarm program is installed the actual installer will find the control panel near to an electrical outlet for that transformer to end up being plugged in. The wire is going to be run inside the wall to cover it from look at. The wireless devices contact the control panel having a transmitter plus they are powered by electric batteries.

Advantages of the Wired Home Security alarm System

This system offers excellent reliability and the actual devices are more affordable.

Disadvantages of cable Home Alarm System

This program requires the specialist to drill holes into all the door jams and also the window sills. It’s the potential with regard to damage done towards the area being drilled. Additionally there is the potential to damage within the ceiling because of the technician having to crawl with the attic. Over time there’s a high potential with regard to rodents to chew about the wires and this could cause unwanted results for example false alarms.

Advantages of a radio Alarm System

This system is extremely easily installed having a minimum amount of disruption to your house. There is no drilling to set up the devices. There’s double stick tape accustomed to secure each doorway and window get in touch with. There should end up being silicone installed in order to each contact to create for a long-lasting connection. The double stick tape tends to dry out as well as fall off with time. This can lead to false alarms at some time in the long term.

Disadvantages of Cellular Home Alarm System

Wireless security alarm devices are operated having a battery in every device. These batteries typically last for a while but will have to be replaced at a few points.

This is an additional expense in comparison with a wired program. The wireless devices are usually more expensive than the usual wired system gadget, when to make use of a wired or a radio system. If you live in an apartment or perhaps a rental unit then your wireless home security system is really the only choice.

There is definitely an absolute minimum of disruption towards the walls, and doorways. If your home is along the way of being built a wired system is most effective. The cost from the system is less and also the labor to pre-wire can also be less expensive. If you own your house then a wired system could be the best choice. This often depends upon the construction of your house. If you live in a 2 story home after that it if hard or impossible to operate the wire to the first floor windows and doors. Hybrid Systems wire as well as wireless systems are able to use both cellular and wired components using the same control solar panel. This comes in handy when you’re upgrading a current system. This type of system may also solve the problems of installing safety on your windows and doors that will not really accommodate wire being run straight to that area.

Starting a Business for Kids

Recently, I was throwing around some possibilities regarding what kind of start up businesses for kids would be appropriate for a couple of my tween/teen children this summer. My oldest daughter and I came up with a few good ideas after sitting down to brainstorm that were well received by a few of my clan. There's tons to do with kids at almost every age in my house. Here were a few of the ideas that resulted from our brainstorm session.

Birthday Party Assistant

With six 6 girls, this seemed as appropriate as it gets. My girls are a huge asset to most all of my parties, whether they are of the birthday variety or not. They can help the adults with many of the tasks needed in preparing games and prizes ahead of time including things like, wrapping prizes and presents, setting up each game on the agenda, baking, and organizing snacks and food.


Tutoring other students who are struggling with summer school is a great way to not only make extra cash but also gain a new friend. Not to mention the appreciation felt by the parents. Especially if they aren't well versed in the subjects needing to be tutored to their child. Often, my own daughter that had been tutoring also received a snack or meal to top it off.

Wash and Vacuum Cars

Many working parents are often too busy to think about having to wash and clean their vehicles. Why not give them a break by doing that task for them? Advertise your services with a yard sign made by the kids, or perhaps hang an index card with your info and phone number on a local grocery store bulletin board to save money on newspaper ads. A neighbor did this during a summer at home and had saved over two hundred dollars. Not bad huh?

Organize a Yard Sale

This is a great project for an older girl or two. At least it was at my own yard sale. My three older girls organized the items for sale, baked some cookies to sell, and pretty much set up the entire yard sale for us. Our younger kids made signs and helped hang them throughout the local neighborhood. After that, a nearby neighbor was so impressed with what my girls had accomplished she asked a couple of my kids if they would be interested in helping with their rummage sale for payment.

Source: Personal Experience

5 Tips for Mom and Pop Businesses to Have More Time

Follow these top 5 tips for Mom and Pop businesses to create more time and make better use of their resources:

1- Use effective systems.

Systemise as many things about the business as is practical. Keep a written manual that can be referred to by everyone as is necessary. It doesn’t have to be excessive but should include all major daily operations of the business including opening and closing procedures, financial procedures, sales, training, hiring and firing to name a few.

2- Learn to let go!

Smaller operators often feel they have to do everything themselves! Trust is an issue even if they do have competent staff. If they can’t control it, it won’t be done correctly. Often (assuming correct training is in place) the complete opposite is true. Staff given the chance to perform without fear of being overshadowed often will live up to expectations if the directions are clear. The owner should spend less time on the daily operations and more on growing the business – this only will work if they learn to ‘let go’ of their ‘baby’!

3- Training.

This is the most effective way I know to create more time and use resources more efficiently in a small business. A proper training program (not a half a day orientation for new staff) will allow you to build your business without fear of losing control of the direction you want it to go. Usually an effective training program will last anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. This allows new skills to be developed, re-training to occur if necessary, measurable evaluation and eventual movement of staff into a more senior role or responsibility within the business once again creating more time.

4- Money management.

Learn how to manage your money creatively – not just worry about day to day cash flows. Use small resources now to buy assets into the business that will build long term financial stability for the owner later. Things like real estate, patents, licenses, trademarks and so forth. Expanding your base (no matter how small) to include outside revenue that will grow irrespective of the growth of the base business itself. Similar to an employee who puts money into a retirement fund which is outside of their income generated from a job. As the tax laws differ for business owners, understanding these differences, can give you more time, money and assets in 5 years than most employees can accumulate in 20 years.

5- Passive power partnerships.

Simply a fancy term for working with others. It may be other business owners, working as part of a larger co-operative, bringing on agents or selling licenses to help expand your brand. The bottom line is simple. Find as many ways to move your product or service as possible without excessive costs (like franchising or new outlets). If you are selling a retail product from a retail outlet – find new distribution channels online or through other retail outlets rather than opening up new stores of your own. For a service that’s a little unique or has a higher level of quality control than others in your industry, try and license your ‘best practise procedures’ to other companies rather than bringing on new staff.

Think as wide as possible, set objectives, plan well and don’t give up!

Choosing The Best Security alarm System in North america

It doesn’t matter in your geographical area you are always concerned for that safety of your loved ones. One of the very best ways to safeguard your family night and day is to use a home security system in your house. There are many great security alarm companies throughout Canada that will help you, once you decide to get a house security system. It is essential that you do some research first so you are somewhat acquainted with the various kinds of home security systems before you decide to purchase one. Read on to find out the basics of security alarm systems and choosing the right one for you personally.

There are two basic kinds of home security techniques. Hard wired techniques and wireless techniques. Let’s look in the hardwired system very first. A hard wired security alarm system is equally as it sounds. The machine is installed through running wires through the entire home. A tough wire system is easiest to set up when a home has been built. You can do the installation in an current home, but it requires lots of hole drilling. The benefits of the hard cable system are that there’s no signal that may get interrupted and disable the machine. The components of the hard wire system will also be a little more affordable, so it might be easier on the actual pocketbook. The disadvantages of the hard wire system is it can cost more to keep and repair in the event that anything goes incorrect. There is also the chance of an intruder having the ability to cut the cables and disabled the machine or when there is no battery backup you’ll lose protection in case of a power failing.

The next kind of home security system that people will look at may be the wireless home program. These systems might be more expensive in order to initially install however are cheaper to keep. With the wireless system you are able to remotely activate or deactivate the machine. You can additionally program it to utilize a WiFi program and monitor your house from any location which has Internet access. There are lots more features having a wireless system which are too numerous to go over in this informative article. The disadvantages of the wireless system are how the signal can end up being interrupted or it may go down in case of power failure. But should you choose a search of security alarm systems Canada you will discover many reputable companies which will monitor your home for you personally. They will setup the wireless system and then monitor everything from the remote office. This can be a great option for that elderly or handicapped who live on it’s own. They are provided with a pendant in order to wear around their neck which allows them to summon assist right away wherever they may be in the home or on the home.

So if you are searching for a great security alarm system in Canada perform a little research first to be able to make an knowledgeable decision. Talk to others who live nearby to get suggestions. Once the choice is created, don’t hesitate to obtain a home security system installed for that protection of your loved ones and your satisfaction.

Car Review : 2009 HUMMER H3T

t was back in 2004 in Los Angeles at an Auto Show when HUMMER teased the public with the idea of a smaller HUMMER. Now consumers are being teased with the prospect of the 2009 HUMMER H3T. While we wait here is some information about the new HUMMER.

The 2009 HUMMER H3T is a traditional pickup with a separate crew cab with a five-foot bed. The H3T gains twenty-two inches between its wheels compared to the HUMMER H3 SUV. It is larger than a midsize pickup truck, though it is relatively smaller than a full-size pickup. Its size fits somewhere between a Chevrolet Colorado crew cab and the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab.

The inside of the 2009 HUMMER H3T is of comfortable size. The interior is very similar to the front and rear seating of a HUMMER H3. However, the rear seat of the H3T has a standard pickup fare with a three-person bench. This allows for extra floor space when folded up.

242 horsepower is available by power trains of a standard 3.7-liter in-line five cylinder. It comes in a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic. You do have the option of the alpha-level 5.3-liter V-8 with 300 horsepower. This may be a good idea since the weight of the truck is between 4600 4800 pounds. Therefore, you probably need all the power you can get. Like all Hummers, the H3T should handle very well off-road.

The 2009 Hummer H3T will have thirty-two inch tires as a standard. The off-road package will have thirty-three inch tires for off-roading. It also has locking front and rear differentials. There also is many for the H3T's pickup bed. Items such as a lockable and removable bed mounted storage box, and adjustable bike rack and a bed extender are available.

General Motors recently invested around $74 million in the Shreveport, Louisiana plant. This made the production of the 2009 HUMMER H3T possible. The cost will be announced closer to late summer or early fall closer to the sale date. Production will begin in the third quarter of 2008. Consumers will get their first look at the 2008 Chicago auto show.

The new addition to the HUMMER family should be very popular. The combination of the standard HUMMER and pickup will make it useful in many ways. We will have to wait and see how consumers respond to it.

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